you want some disjointed thoughts, you say? let me see what i've got in back..

i think that the dedicated following of sports is a distinct sign of immaturity. i should say that i do participate in sports, and i even watch some.

the idea i had goes like this, for people who follow teams year after year, it is a microcosm of life that they get to replay each season. team lost a few games, there's always next year. that's the phrase. meanwhile everything else in one's life is a one-shot deal. there is something childlike in assuming there is always another chance.

another thing, why aren't there more people ashamed of professional sports? people run around and play a game, and they get millions of $/₤/�. now i'm not bitter because i don't have that money, because i assure you that i can do absolutely nothing well enough to deserve that sort of compensation. what i'm bitter about is that this is the exact problem with capitalism. everything gets blown out of proportion.

tonight was painful. and not because i was running around playing a sport for hours, which i was. but because everyone else went home to someone. someone they aren't even all that fond of, or at least they put that face on for the public. and i drove home to the sound of the rain, and a cd. and when i got home i made pancakes and scrambled eggs, and i ate them in silence. and now i'm going to bed. it's all pretty dumb.



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