whenever you blow out the candles or throw a coin in the fountain or find an eyelash (the last one makes far less sense than the other two) you are supposed to make a wish, right? but then you have to make the wish in your head, because if you say it out loud, it won't come true.

while i will admit to making a wish on a coin (still), i am not sure that i understand the in your head bit. outside of potential embarrassment or alienation, why must one keep quiet?

isn't this setting a nearly unachievable bar for those around you? if they don't know what you are wishing for how can they either get it for you or aid you in some way?

i have considered the possibility that maybe it is to get one to think about what one wants, conceptualize it succinctly � as one has but a brief moment to consider � thereby giving one something to pursue that is both wanted or hoped for and finite. but doesn't that come off a bit too sensible?

i haven't actually wished in a while, but when i do, and i will, i am quite sure that i will continue to do it quietly, in my head. i think what makes me do it that way is the idea that someone else is wishing the exact opposite, and if i say my wish out loud, it will just make things worse.



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