a few days ago i made a very short list of quirks that i said, if you possessed them, indicated that you and i should probably not spend much time in the same room.

long story short, i was called on them and i relented. at most they are flags. liking nicolas cage or carlos mencia would be a very large, very red flag; but nonetheless does not the gavel bang, so to speak.

cut to: today.
another flag was noted (brought to mind by the tangential comment of an actual funny comedian, which means not the one mentioned above). having a perpetually disgusting microwave. granted, i do not microwave a ton of food, and extre-emely rarely at someone else's house do i use said appliance (for just that reason). but when i need to and all manner of disgusting food bits are encrusted hither and yon.. i am repulsed.

crack that one, you cunning arbiter.



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