a thought crossed my mind this afternoon � yes, just one � that i may not be a good parent. this thought was based on the realisation that i do not have any of those tricks for remembering how to do things. like what?, you may wonder; like how to tie a shoelace. you know, the rabbit and the hole and going around and through and all that malarkey (that word looks misspelled).

i simply possess zero of such zoological comparison story things.

however, this would give me the perfect opportunity to simply make some up. you see, um, charlie(?), the american indian kills the buffalo and then the european comes and buries them both in this hole and shuts it up tight, and thus the shoes oppress your feet much like the west does the rest of society.. you know, something like that.

but also, i read almost zero fiction. i don't really think that is a problem though because i have read someone to sleep with accounts of darwin regarding giant tortoises on the galapagos. no, really. on more than one occasion.

not that any of this is a pressing concern as i have no children on the way. i haven't ordered any at least.


- [edit: i actually do like shoes.] [oh, and europeans.]


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