here's the thing. i don't live in the desert. and yet. the thermometer in my car, measuring outside temperature mind you, has said more than 100˚f (38˚C, 311k, 30˚R�) for days now. 106 yesterday and the day before. and it's accurate. and not even including the heat index.

but that's not even the most disturbing part. oh no. see, i cannot � as in it is a physical impossibility to � run out of hot water. it cannot be done. cold water, on the other hand, will last you about 15sec if you have not used cold water in the last half-hour or so. let them eat cake indeed.

entirely unrelated; around the age of sixteen or so i started using altoids regularly (peppermint only, freaks), and did so for years (more because i could not use all that i had, long story i'm not going to go into). and recently i was trying to remember what started me on them in the first place, or why i had them at all times. and then i remembered. i used to have someone to kiss. je suis m�lodramatique.



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