since i was not asleep this morning (or the bulk of last night) i decided to have myself a tasty breakfast from a place that rhymes with slick bidet. i only care to purchase from places i can rhyme with plumbing fixtures.

so i bought one two and left. as i was pulling out onto the street (windows down and sunroof open mind you) i was punched in the face by old lady perfume, and i could not figure out what was going on. you see, i had no old lady with me, nor were a flock pod murder of them hanging around my car for the three minutes i was gone.

no, it turns out that the paper bag, in which sat my food, held the cloying "_(whatever that smell is)_" and held it tight. i could smell neither chicken nor biscuit, and yet driving (fast) and wind a-blowing i could smell this lady's perfume.

now just such a lady did take my order so i am assuming she was the culprit but what was she doing to her hands that merely holding a paper bag for no more than 45sec would saturate it to that extent?

also, i feel off sick (down?) something, at least a few times every day; it has nothing to do with the above-mentioned smell. it is not a feeling i look forward to, but for the first few seconds it is almost not so bad.

but seriously, that lady this morning has to be insane.



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