i will admit that i have been a bit quiet where i haven't necessarily been in the past. all i can really say is that i don't want to put it out there yet. to let it loose into the world. i want to hold on to this for a bit longer, see what happens, and comment later.

but i will relate a bit of a conversation i had with one of my sisters last week. it was that too often people are willing to brush off others because of some hang up or assumed future problem. or because the aspirations of one don't directly match up with the other.

and i just think it is arrogance and foolishness to think that something better will always come along. perfection is not found, it is worked towards. created. the best relationships are not the best because of what happened the first day, or week. but because of what happens over time.

and yet, i am a firm believer in not settling.

luckily i find that the two are not always mutually exclusive.


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