i am not really into the whole new year's thing. it probably connects well with my growing aversion to thanksgiving food, and the general ambivalence i have had towards christmas for some years now. though that last part is getting better.

the bit about resolutions i am especially non-interested in. for one, the calendar is pretty arbitrary, but that is a lame idea, so it is not really part of it. it is more that i do not like the idea of waiting until a specific day, often months away, to resolve something. if it really means a lot, and that is usually the point of them, then how come you do not just resolve to change on june eighteenth?

i get it, it is handy, provides the idea of a clean slate. i got it. (wouldn't using your own birthday be better for that though?) this is all coming from a procrastinator, so take that for what it is worth.

for the sake of not being a complete hypocrite, i think i will make a few resolutions while i am thinking of them. even though it is new year's day. i will do it anyway.

but i don't think i will list them here..



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