i am back and forth i guess. conflicted, if you will.

i am not big on the whole make a list chain, but since i am using this to have something to write about as opposed to having had someone "tag" me, as it were, it will have to do.

and so, ten weird things/habits/little known facts about me. if i have written any of them before, then subtract that number from the name of this list as is necessary.

01. i will eat all forms of tomatoes except raw or big pieces.
02. if the litter is small and biodegradable, i do not have a big problem with not making it to a proper receptacle.
03. i am not enamoured with the idea of writing a thesis. and it may suffer (more) because of that.
04. i am bothered by roaches. and i cannot explain it.
05. i often brush my teeth in the shower.
06. it is true. i do like a good heist movie.
07. i hate folding laundry and i hate unpacking.
08. i am really not tan.
09. i really really really do not like public restrooms. i will do whatever i can to not touch anything. places with automatic everything are good.
10. i am okay with the idea of dying, it is the idea of almost dying that i am not too fond of.


also, new h#umor for the first time in a while.. not that it is great. shut up.


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number 9.. .   .? andy andy andy, get your adverbs here

i'm dying to know..