i am not sure when it happened, but i have turned into a gum chewer. or, a gum person. gum chewer sounds like i just didn't chew it before, but i did something else with it instead. no i just avoided it for years. not strictly, but nearly. and i cannot remember why.

i think it had something to do with gum going funky if you chew it for too long. that and it is just a hassle. the flavor disappears, funkiness can ensue, it gets tough, and it must be disposed of one way or another. and if some crazy chemical or enzymatic process happens in your mouth (apparently while playing sports), it entirely dissolves, but disgustingly so.

so i had been on altoids for years, despite the fact i had not purchased a tin for half a decade. they kept showing up. (which sounds pretty bad now that i think of it.) (and only the peppermint ones are worth bothering with.) so when the lode was finally exhausted i did not replenish it. that left me with two options. replace them with something else, or risk breath issues.

apparently gum has moved in. so now i am one of those people again.



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