not that i am all that interested in promoting the bitter old man-side of me anymore than i have, but this popped back into my head. i forgot about it, on purpose (if that is possible), because i try to keep my anal side generally hidden (and i cannot tell if that is a pun).

at the checkout line and i go to the express lane. i am not really in a hurry, but it's quicker, so why not, right? right. except the guy in front of me took this as, i can only assume, his personal checkout line. because he did not have ten things. and it was not twelve or anything like that. i can let it slide. ten is arbitrary, or it is to us customers anyway, so be a rebel and get eleven things.

but being a rebel was not enough, not for this guy. this guy had twenty-eight things. twenty-eight? unless the rule is one item or less, you should not roll up with three times the limit.

again, it was not a big deal in the scheme of things, i agree, but it was the principle. see, if he had brought his wife (and i was tempted here to say that is if anyone would want to be with such an ass, but clearly people do..) and they had both had fourteen things, it would have been sneaky. and had i figured out their plot i would have given a wry look in their direction to indicate a healthy touch� to note their ploy, but no. he, and hypothetical they, did nothing of the sort.

so instead of saying something to the cashier along the lines of so much for ten items.. i decided to keep my bitter comments to myself.

not forever though, clearly.



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