i feel like the inside of my head is packed tight with thoughts. it is nice to not have it filled with snot for the first time in a month, but it still feels crammed with a thick mush of ideas. like jam, or cold honey, or that super concentrated detergent that will wash six elephants with a capful. and they are all things that will never happen. that's a problem. but that's not really new

but what i cannot figure out is why this particular crush of thoughts is so obvious to me. what i mean is, maybe some of these thoughts are important, and should not be dismissed.

that. or maybe i just usually have an empty head and so this is sticking out because i have noticed the lack of a vacuum between my ears.

it is nice not to be sick, but i am tired of getting my hopes up. i won't stop them from going up and becoming dashed, but it gets old. and less and less exciting.



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