i was watching a movie earlier with someone, and as the ending credits started to roll this song came on. it was 'god moving over the face of the waters' by moby.

i had no idea that it had any connection to anything, but as soon as it came on i was there. i felt the cool dry air, i could see the lights of the city in the dark, almost-winter night. i felt the cold of the sidewalk and the street, and of all those massive buildings. i could even smell it. i was in pittsburgh.

it was so startling. not a slow rolling in of thoughts, it was sudden. i had not even processed the music to figure out if it was that song or just something else that sounded similar, and my head was already gone.

it was a little shocking, nice, and depressing all at once. funny how it snuck up on me though. especially since we had almost watched something else instead..



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