i was sitting in class wednesday evening sort of spacing out, as someone had gotten off on a diatribe during the discussion, and it was clear what i miss most.

i miss the touch of skin on skin. how someone else's hair feels. how different jeans feel when someone else is wearing them. the back of their neck, right where their hair starts. the electricity and comfort of it all.

i miss the smell of someone's perfume, their shampoo, their laundry detergent, their skin.

i miss the proximal interaction. desperately.

almost everything else can be compensated for, if poorly. but not that. not those. not at all.

i defer to something i said four years and ten months ago. it turns out i knew how to turn a phrase better when i was younger. or i am just narcissistic, but with a five year gap..
if someone with nice hips and worn-in jeans could tug at my pockets and give me a back rub, i'd shut right up. i promise.



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