i debated writing any of this, because it does not seem like something i would write about, but i guess i would like a record of it.

i saw one of my childhood idols retire on sunday. i had watched almost his entire career, nearly as far back as i have distinct memories, and it was sad to see him call it quits.

and then within hours a friend of mine shot me an email, with a link sending me to an australian news site reporting that steve irwin had just died. i admired his pursuits and his drive to protect wildlife. i have previously entertained the idea of taking my entire life savings and flying down there to see if i could get a job in his zoo.

i know that all seems hokey but people like him and jane goodall made me want to work with animals. beats working with people. anyway, i just wanted to make note to myself that it was horrible news once and i was not happy about it.

and that's all i have to say about that.. ≤/gump≥



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