i defy you to propose a situation that would somehow make things more up and down than they are at this moment. go ahead.

-- a minor illness?
-- got it.

-- monetary concerns?
-- mm-hmm.

-- uncertainty regarding just about every decision that affects the future in any real way?
-- check.

-- oscar winner rachel weisz stealing my windows while a hobo pops out of the refridgerator and shoots me in the leg?
-- okay, it has not happened yet, but if it did it would be incidental.

that's right, i just brushed off your oscar winner-hobo-crime trifecta as incidental. that is how unsettled things are. and, of course, i have control of approximately 3 inputs out of 100 or so. and this "control" is really that i can say things that may or not be received, understood, or acknowledged. none of which i am sure of. and that. that has been the extent of my week.

next week had better seriously straighten some things out. and positively if at all possible. to be honest, at this point, i will take a semblance of order regardless of the value of the information that provides it. but if i ever play the karma card - which i will not, as i do not believe in it - i would think that i am due something. something good even? maybe.

it would be really nice. [for a change.]


p. and s. - there is new h#umor if you will just follow the link. that is all.


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