maybe i should take note of the fact that almost all of the people that i regularly read have either abandoned this site entirely, or or have all but done so. few people write, and when they do it is often with many month intervals.

perhaps it is just an indication of how i hold on to the past even when those around me have moved on. i would like to think that i have reasons. but i am not sure.

it probably has not been cool to be at diaryland for years now. but web logs are just time-consuming versions of this. if i wanted a domain or a web log, i would have one. it probably also is not cool to write about how destroyed you are at the end of a relationship. so we can see how good i am at following trends, or writing about age-appropriate topics.

but as inconsistent as i have been about writing on here, it is much more consistent then paper, or creating and recreating an entire website would have been. (go figure, it is 6yrs to the day of when i started writing, i just checked and saw that. odd timing for this entry. and only 465 entries to show for it. about one every five days on average. but horribly sporadic.)

i miss her. it hurts. but that is not new.

it never is.



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