i've been busy these past few days. my mind has been a blur. i must pause; and say that i got to visit her. and we got to talk about things. what this all means is as unclear to me as it is to some non-involved person reading this, and possibly to her as well.

i will say that i am optimistic. that i still feel things can be worked on and repaired. i realize that maybe this is too idealistic or maybe she will read this and get scared off or maybe i will jinx myself.

but i don't believe in jinxes, and it is not idealistic at all, it is very, very realistic. and though i may have hurt her or touched her with my honesty in the past, i do not think telling her how i feel, or that i want to be with her, should scare her away. and i do not believe that what i am saying now would do so either.

she means more to me than i know how to explain. so the fact that work would have to be done is not the greatest thing in the world. however, if we could but work and repair what has been damaged, then i could say, "my joy is full."


"come to me,
come to me..,
and together we'll run away " -j.d.


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