i usually save anecdotes such as these for a select few because they are so inane. but then i was thinking, well, how is my story going to live for generations when the person or persons whom i have regaled with this epic end up crashing into mountains and eating their soccer (futbol) teammates to survive..? they will probably forget all about my story when the reporters come and then i think i'll have to live in a creek, or next to a creek, or something. and that doesn't sound so good to me, so i'll just spread it on extra thick here instead.

so, a few hours ago i was driving from one place to the other (yes, that's how i drive) when i noticed that there was a large lifesaver� candy on the other seat. i should explain that it was one of those large, individually wrapped lifesavers� and that i had found it underneath the seat a day or two prior. that probably means it had been there for months, especially since i do not recall purchasing or otherwise procuring it, but not necessarily.

anyway, i wanted a bit of candy and it looked to be a faded purple � faded candy, never a good sign � but i figured it was still wrapped and it wasn't wet or anything, so i put it in my mouth.

i'm not sure, but i think the outermost layer was half-disintegrated because it seemed too slippery in my mouth for a chalkyish candy to be. that's another thing, it resembled a sweetart� in both color and texture and even somewhat in initial flavor, and the more i thought about it the less i remembered lifesavers� ever having made such a treat. i was concerned, but not extremely so.

the flavor was half-weak grape sweetart� and half-weak anonymous candy filler flavor not unlike a lik-m-stik�. and if you think that sounds appealing, allow me to disabuse of that thought. (be ye disabused.) while i was not happy with the candy at all, it was not repulsive enough to spit out, yet.

i was still trying to figure out why the texture and flavor were not improving, which i had chalked up to too many days in a hot car, when all of a sudden the flavor went all minty on me. so it was out the window in a flash, but that left me with the problem, was it a grape lifesaver� that somehow turned minty, or was it a mint lifesaver that had degraded to the point of significantly changing color and drastically changing flavor? i'm guessing the latter, but neither are very appealing, considering whatever it was, i had started eating it.

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it's about taking a fall" -e.s.


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