i might be lying, but, i believe i have spotted the first nose job of my life. if i've ever spotted someone - in person - who had this particular bit of surgery, i've forgotten it.

i've certainly seen people on television or in child molestation court trials that have had a nose job. but this person's is almost comical. i would guess that in the world of plastic surgery this one isn't a horrible outcome. and perhaps she had a horrific nose injury before, or maybe it just swung down to her knees, so that even what i deem obvious [in my non-observant social haze] must certainly be an improvement.

that said, i've now looked at almost everyone else's nose in the class just for comparison. everyone else has a natural angle, a slight bulb to it, or an actual curve and taper at the end. this nose is almost as if you were to cut out an image of a 30-60-90* triangle from a geometry book and place it on someone's face. not flat, but protruding like a nose would.

i'm not doing it justice, but it will suffice to say that it is so obvious a nose job that i wrote a note on my hand in class to remind myself to document it here. but i think i'm painting the wrong picture here. it isn't as if she has more or less than two nostrils or that the nose itself is filled with charged and glowing neon gas. it is only obvious [at least to me] that the attempt at perfect nose that sits on her face was carved, and not genetic.

at first i thought she must have had something very wrong with her nose to begin with to think that what she has now is better than whatever she naturally had. but she seems the type to prefer anything than be natural or normal. that and she prefers yelling at someone on the phone [i think her mother], while sitting in public computer lab, because the other person is fairly computer illiterate and is having a difficult time sending this girl's resum� to her email account.

what can possibly necessitate having that document immediately is beyond me, but then, i didn't pick my facial features off of either a cartesian plane diagram, or from an old electronic battleship placement codebook. take your pick.

somewhat off-topic but, when will people learn that having anything on your body that is perfectly geometric, or even very close to it, does not make you appear like you just happen to have natural beauty. it doesn't even make you look human. and i'll be damned if i'm going to let robots take over that easily. [since the robots will have access to this i think i should say that i exaggerate for effect and for humor, and that i am personally in awe of roomba.**]

also, some semi-new h#umor at the link. not new if you check it more often than i write.

* i actually think it's more like a 27-63-90ish triangle, but i couldn't find an image of that to compare it to.


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