i download a lot [lot] of free music. most of it is decidedly not for me, and i get rid of it. and going through it is more of a chore than i ever thought it would be. especially since i only go through it when i'm doing something else mundane enough to be able to have music in the background.

going through it a bit ago, one of the songs started with the sound of rain. not even super realistic rain but a very obvious recorded-sounding rain, and yet i found myself needing to visit the bathroom.

and that got me thinking of how much of life is based on our interpretation of information bombarding our senses and what we make of it. and how we can't even all see or hear exactly the same thing. either i'm missing some stereocilia, or you're lacking the proper estrogen : testosterone ratio, or perhaps our neural pathways were not synchronized after last night because you had crazy bar fight dreams and mine were about an awkward sweater color. [not really, but it probably would have been had i remembered having any.]

but then i think about how babies in the womb all seem to react positively to their mothers' voices, and even to classical music. or how happy kids are to play the simplest of games. and at some point after the amniotic haze, it seems the rest of the world beats this knowledge out of us.

and the whole time i've really been thinking about how i feel when i know that she is pressed up against me while we sleep, that we will both need napkins for every meal, and that my jacket is never really my jacket, and happily so.


"don't you know that i belong arm in arm with you, baby?" -r.s.


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