just consider this �insanity report� day.

first, the president wants to have 'on the job speech' to be not protected. as in, government employee sees corruption or severe wrongdoing, employee reports wrongs, employee is punished [moved to hillbilly office, demoted, passed over for what was forthcoming promotion] or even fired. as it is, the employee can at least sue the government - although winning is of course based on proof - and there is legal recourse. bush wants this to no longer exist. perhaps it will only apply to government employees, but with millions of them, and the precedent, you should be feeling uneasy.

second, and perhaps more disturbing, are pickles. (and on this point i can only speak on vlassic whole kosher dill (cucumbers, if that's not obvious,) because i'm not pickle-ly omniscient.) the serving size of the aforementioned brand and variety of pickle is, that's right, and notice the quotation marks, "about 1/2 pickle".


no. no. no. what?


"promise me tonight, we'll sle e e e e .eep" -d.f.t.b.


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