this is more of a obit-reminder to me than of any use.

i have a favorite sushi chef, and he recently sold his restaurant. it seems that most of the staff have stayed on [at least temporarily, i can't say,] but it just isn't the same. it isn't vastly different, but more than enough.

some of the most basic and key rolls [tuna and salmon for example] have different proportions, and aren't rolled as well. to be honest i think the guy who has taken over as 'head sushi chef' is either too inexperienced still, or just not that good at making sushi. it seems he is more interested in doing fancy cuts than in doing it well.

the previous owner/chef [who went by the american name paul, though he was from japan] consistently made the best sushi i have ever had. i've never been to japan, or little tokyo. and the one time i was in new york city i didn't have any. so you may be questioning my authority on the matter. i'm fairly sure that better sushi can be purchased, but since i live in the states and over 350mi from the ocean and the sushi i had at miyako was better than any i had anywhere, big city, on the coast, toyota imported and backed sushi bar, i feel i know enough.

he was nice and funny and let us try new things and always said, 'hi', even when it was busy. and i had no idea he was thinking of selling the place or i would have gone again before he did.

the last time i went, a few weeks ago, he just wasn't there. the assistant sushi chef was there still, he's very good at what he does, and he's nice. the waitstaff was mostly the same. and even some of the signature rolls were the same. but the most basic, and to me most important, rolls were just nothing special.

i'm sure i'll go again at least once or twice to try it out again. it's possible they were just working out the kinks. but it isn't the same. maybe i'll save some money though.


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