since i can't sleep i will do the next best thing. here i was going to put up a multiple choice thing but my brain is starting to fuzz-out from a sleeping aid that is making its way through my system

i'm going to share with you something some lady said in one of the common areas of one of the buildings on campus today.

now i've heard 'warsh' and 'wirsh' for wash [as in, wahsh. i'd rhyme it with something but then you'd pronounce the rhymed word differently and mess things up. the appliance maker bosch perhaps, but that's a stretch, especially for anyone with literacy problems or an accent.]

what i had not heard, until earlier today, is 'wuhsh' it was somewhere between 'woosh' [woohsh] and 'wush' [wuhhsh]. she said it twice, so i know it wasn't a mispeak or a mishear.

she said some other very mean things, some harsh things, and this goodbye remark that i almost laughed at but didn't. oh yes, it was, "later, flavor." just like that. no fakie 80s/90s attitude, no laugh to denote an inside joke, no banter after.

"...blah blah wushed it...
okay, i have to go to class, later flavor."

that's it. phone closed.

and no one was there for me to give the crazy questioning expression to; which is too bad really, because it was abrewin.


"too much worry,

for such a pretty face.." -g.e.


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