of course i don't believe that things don't actually change, but it sure seems very similar, now and then. i am fairly certain this has to do with my lack of progress, with my stubbornness or stagnant nature.

i'm not trying to act the same when similar events occur, but that is sort of how it goes i think. i wouldn't go so far as to say i have no decision or choice in the matter, but i also don't blame myself entirely.

i don't worry about too many things, but when i find one of the few things it stays with me until it is either resolved or i can't deal with it anymore.

this sounds a bit depressing and somewhat down. i only mean to catalog it, so that when i find it again in a year, or three, i will be able to remember that it isn't a new thing, and that it is not an impass.

things will continue in one direction or another. and nothing will change.


"i should have known
it was a beast, simone.." -e.c.


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