i hate everything, so try to keep up.

quit saying 'blog'. i've held my tongue for years and since the media cannot shut up about them, or the practice of, or the wonderfulness of idiots who have an internet connection [who are probably being paid by said media outlet], i have to say it. and more than that, it was never cool or neat or hip. i don't care what you or your past internet friends say.

and neither was fucking 'h+u^z=z+a+h'. i tried saying it once, thinking i was missing out on something by hating it, and i think i died a little. or got hepatitis*. or a tapeworm. something.

if you're going to be a nurse or a doctor or whatever your title is for working at the red cross and taking my blood, LEARN HOW TO PUT A NEEDLE IN A VEIN PROPERLY! (oh, i'll exclaim.) it should not be learning day when people are giving you pints of blood. and if it is, you fail.

who lets their kid just throw trash out the window of a car? twice? and not a baby who happens to have crazy baby spasms. nono, a teenager who happens to want to tear into the crappy spice of a slim jim, er, arteriosclerosis jim, and yet not throw away the plastic properly. you bought your kid some horrible stick of cholesterol to eat, allowed them to litter, and you were driving an suv. that's three strikes.


"we were..
..we were born to fuck each other
one way or another, but.." -i.&w.

* = e, if you must know.


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