so instead of whatever little chance there was of the environment being discussed at the g8 summit, now they are only interested in security [what you mean war didn't secure us?] and giving away money apparently.

i do think that the rich nations must do more to help the poor and non-advanced areas of the world, and i do think that money will be part of it. but it seems like a strangely western answer to just throw money at it and assume it will go away. oh, and the little fact that that's all we've been doing for decades and nothing has gotten accomplished. what needs to be done is to remove corrupt 'western' leaders who are 'democratically' keeping their people free voting themselves to death.

pretty much all of the trillion dollars spent on aid in the past century has been misappropriated and mishandled so we might as well give them more.

add this to the impending environmental doom, as well as the economic disaster when oil bottlenecks, and i still know people who don't give a rat's ass about current events because they fall under the broad name of politics.


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