while i am on the topic of things i consider stupid, i have seen another just today. while on campus i noticed bands of like-dressed young girls [i'd venture 12-14, but when it comes to girls i have no sense of age, could be 10, could be 17 - though i seriously doubt any were older than 14 or 15] walking between the gym and either the university center or the dorms. i think they are cheerleaders, but if they were volleyball players or just idiots i would not be able to distinguish them.

i am quite sure that there is some sort of procedure or protocol regarding these girls' segregation from the minimal student body on campus during the summer. however, i am also quite sure that mixing young girls - who are notoriously enamoured with older ne�er�do�wells, come to think of it, not just young girls seem to follow that pattern - and stupid guys can lead to only a few things, and they probably involved the words unplanned, statutory, and pregnancy.

i can understand that the university wants the money of the facilities' rental [perhaps the instruction itself as well], and the girls' organization(s) want to go to such a camp or event. i just find the juxtaposition of the sides about as uneasy as a white shirt and sauce on long pasta. you can only keep them apart for so long.


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