there are currently two specific products calling themselves 'm@le b*dy sp�ay' that seem to be competitors that have exactly the same ad campaign. [i'm pretty sure they are called t*a*g and a*x*e, so you can see why i also wouldn't be surprised if it were the same company - like the banks that basically own both visa and mastercard..]

anyway, the target audience is fratboys and aspiring fratboys so you can imagine it is simply a commercial saying 'spray this all over yourself and every woman will have sex with you.' [and that is exactly what these actors do in the commercial.. who sprays that much of anything on themselves ever? you know the scene in shawshank where andy and the other new fish get deloused with the powder? that was a light dusting compared to these people who are gassing themselves.]

then again, if my main goal in life was to get off, in or on some nameless faceless object with breasts, and this magic spray would guarantee it, perhaps i might risk suffocation too.

and now i'm not even on what originally bothered me..

it isn't the 'sex sells' part, or at least not specifically, it is the fact that this stuff smells horrible. it is deodorant. spray deodorant at that, which means not only is it not particularly pleasant, but it is airborne, and therefore much more likely to get in people's noses. especially when one empties a can on themself.

but really, why should i care when there are hundreds of perfume and cologne ads selling other putrid items. because i have heard real [stupid] people really say, "ooh, and he smelled so good, he was wearing *three-letter product name* and.." while i realize that i should not care so much what stupid people think, i have a feeling that those stupid people will be the end of it all.


"but all the news reports recommended i stay indoors" -t.p.s.


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