i would just like to take this time to say happy birthday to the kyoto protocol, and to thank those nations that agreed to it, for actually ratifying it and abiding by it.

it is nice to know that people want to be able to do things like breathe air and not spontaneously combust upon leaving the house. ah, such a simple folk.

as for my country of slovenly, selfish, greedy bastards, we clearly do not have the time for such things as caring, listening to scientific evidence, or spending money on anything other than suv's, louis vuitton bags, and botox treatments/std infections.

though honestly, what do you expect from us? we are busy right now destroying human rights agreements, we will return to backing out of further environmental issues when we have the time. i have got to go and fill my car's tank with gas, as i have left it running in a garage filled with endangered species, built on a native american burial ground.


"if my senses fail,
stay with me til they go.." -t.e.


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