there is a church very near here, perhaps 1/4mile or less, with a sign that they frequently change with one bad religious pun after another. if you have no idea what this means, [i.e. you are probably foreign] then just consider yourself lucky and try to make it through this without knowing the context.

this sign is currently displaying the phrase, "a diamond cannot be formed without friction". while i cannot dispute this claim, as it is completely true [to the best of my limited knowledge of physics], i find it at least a bit lacking. i think perhaps they meant to imply that such a gem cannot be formed without pressure or resistance.. by using "friction" they have left open a door that bothers me on an entirely different level than most religious signs tend to.

whereas most signs [as in the image given] tend to be horrible, yet recognizeable, puns, this one really makes no sense, even when taken in context of the religously meant double-meaning. yes, diamond formation requires friction, but so does everything else. clothing, paper, digestion, shooting someone, stabbing them in the eyeball, etc.

so while they seem to mean to say that 'even the best of things require some amount of conflict', it comes off to me as 'good things are just like everything else, also we do not have a great grasp of physics.'

then again, i was not going to stop by there anyway, so i will assume it was not meant for me.

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