not the monday three days ago, but the one before that, a few friends and i were at sushi place for dollar sushi night. i know, a dollar for sushi sounds very suspect but it is mainly much smaller portions and less variety. the quality is still very good i think. anyway, we overhear a group of four girls [i'd say 17-22ish] a few tables away.

why do we overhear them? well because one of them is telling the server that she shouldn't have to pay for her meal because she didn't know what she was ordering and she doesn't like it. i find it all odd because at this point the other three have finished their meals and none is complaining about their own food. so she waited the entire meal to say something. [not that it matters, i find it odd. that's all.]

there is a long, fairly involved and loud discussion between the entire table and the server [and eventually another server and the sushi chef as well]. the server explained that if she had simply asked what was in what, that it would have been happily explained to her. this was not enough. eventually, after the gloves came off, it comes out that these four girls work as some sort of service people, [it seemed like they worked at a restaurant to me, but i couldn't tell, a service job dealing with the public of some sort to be sure.]

the loudest of the four goes on to say, "you just lost yourself some customers, and we are going to tell people not to eat here." and the gem that is, "don't come in our store then either."
and now a list of what baffled and/or pissed me off about this whole situation.

1. who orders something, with no idea what it is, without asking either the staff or at least her friends?

2. who just assumes that food [at a non-chain restaurant no less] will be free if not enjoyed? this is not a bag of chips with a 1-800 number to call for staleness, a random toe, or phencyclidine contamination.

3. who demands it should be free? that's right, demands.

4. it was dollar sushi night, do you remember? so this fool either came in, and ordered a load of food she had never tried before, then dissatisfied wanted to bilk them that money. or she came in, ordered a few things, and didn't want to hand over the three dollars it would take to be a decent human being. we couldn't decide which took more sense.

the kicker(s),

5. who is so mentally handicapped as to let a friend make such a scene? either tell this person to shut up and pay the bill or split up her tasty food and foot it amongst the rest of you so that you can leave her in the parking lot and drive off with her purse.

5a. and if this person decides to start this fracas, again tell them to shut their face and then leave them to look stupid alone. for if it is bad form to leave a friend in danger, it is similar to defend a stupid one.

5b. there is no 5b. discuss.

we mocked them openly, expressed our solidarity with the sushi chef through looks and gestures, and watched the four idiots kill the subtle sushi flavor with cigarrettes as they drove away in their environmentally-unfriendly vehicle.

5c. hate them.

and a good point brought up by one of my companions was, how exactly did the sushi bar lose customers if the people didn't want to pay?

i'm pretty sure* japanese feudal law would have dictated some sort of homicide for the disrespect, and i think everyone there would have stepped back and watched.


"i changed my diet
i slept under stars
and my long hands still stayed bloody" -m.d.

* = it was touch and go as it was, even with no one nearby having a ready sword..


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