about a week after the election i wore a john kerry shirt. simple. not flashy. no pictures, just his name. in fact, just like this. not only that, i had on a button-up shirt over it. it was unbuttoned, but my point was that i supported kerry, but i wasn't trying to get in people's faces and cry foul.

walking out of the public library, to my car, not shouting protest songs with a big sign, and with only - hn Ker - showing on my shirt, a teenage girl walks by saying 'nice shirt'. and before i can get out a complete 'thanks', she has told me that i should get over it already, and is telling me that i lost.

as if who is president only matters every four years. everything in between is pointless.

just like this.


"homes, places we've grown,
all of us are done for" -c.


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