i figure that everyone has read everything that they ever want to read about last week's elections. if that includes you, please go look at cats. maybe from poland. heh, koty. crazy poles.

my sentiment is not new or unique. i was not upset that 'the democrats' lost. knowing that my state was locked into bush with its electoral votes i had no idea who i was voting for until the last possible moment. last time i voted third party, and i was very close to doing so again. i skipped over the presidential candidates until last. there were fifteen or twenty other things to vote on and i did all of them first. i voted for kerry. i think it is very important to vote for a third party candidate if you think they are the best person for the job. what we really need is a few more parties with some influence.

i'll be honest. if i really thought bush or some other republican was best, i would vote for them. but as an illustration of how my views differ from most of the members of that party, is the following.. we were electing four or five judges. i had made a cheat sheet for myself based on things said by the candidates and their campaigns. i only knew that one judge was republican all the others were simply names of people i didn't agree with. when i got to the ballot, every person on my do not vote for list was republican. no exceptions.

but i was not unhappy because the blue party lost. i was unhappy because the red party won. because i know what the elected officials are capable of, and i know their agenda(s) and they are against everything i think is right. the attitude they have that they deserve everything is typical of what disgusts me. and they claim that they must support the president, and they must support the troops, and they must support whatever is said by the president [i.e. their employee.] yet, when clinton was president, they trashed him [and still do]. i do not care, that is their prerogative, but do not then tell me that i have to agree with a warmongering idiot. yes, i do believe bush is not smart. sue me.

patriotism is not blindly following the man in the dark suit and red tie. if we have to follow the person in charge, then we should still be british citizens. the problem is that they have given up their resposibility to think for themselves and to judge the actions of their government wholly over to the government. so now, there is no feedback system of reward and punishment [i.e. re-election and being removed.] they expect less than half of the country to make a decision for everyone else, then they forget about it for as many years as they possibly can.

i wish the destruction of a bad government only fell upon those who voted for it, but sadly that is not the case. the problem is, people in this country do not really feel the effects of the horrible government. people in other places did not want bush, but then again, americans are a lot dumber than most of the rest of the world.

more importantly, i think kerry is genuinely a good guy. i am not sure that he would be a great president, though i feel that he would have. and i would have liked to see him have a try instead of a repeat of what has already happened. and some people have said that bush has the experience, blah blah blah, but that does not fly. he didn't in 2000, he's only been in a political position as a governor, and now as a president. kerry has been a senator for twenty years. but none of that is news.

it is just, the more i read up about kerry, the more i liked him as a candidate and as a person. last election i did not think either candidate [of gore and bush] were that great, though i preferred gore. i voted third party, and i figured people would not be dumb enough to vote in the hillbilly. when they did, it sucked. but it happened. he is a horrible leader and so i took solace that people would see that and do the right thing. i really did not go into this election with high expectations, but i actually wanted the better person to win this time, instead of just the better of two blehs.

and i still feel empty.


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