i know it was once popular to tell everyone about the "funny funny spam" you just received. so all i'll say is that monkeyed e. allegory emailed me the other day, and it was nice to hear from him. the psychic thing about all of it is, in a few years i think people will start being named after something that their parents saw in spam. just remember i called it.

if you live in my area and see a van with a license plate bearing: 47M596S - please feel free to pelt it with eggs or rocks. they threw a can of soda out the window. i know this happens all the time, but i'm planning on outing them.

and as a personal message to myself in the future, if you ever spend any considerable amount of time in one house, apartment, cottage, and then in changing places of residence have people over to help you move your stuff out, clean the word up beforehand so that they do not have to deal with all of your own crap and the smells that accompany said matter. i would imagine i would be smart enough to know that instinctively, but other people are not, so i figured i had better write it down to be sure.

also, i have gmail invites to get rid of, if you want an account, say.


"i'm a trickster" -d.c.


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