someone* said, "...the mere fact of friendship with someone is a remarkably poor predictor of affinity for that person's own friends." and i've had that thought on my own but for some reason, coming from someone else, it seemed to make more sense. with few exceptions, it fits me very well. no surprise there though.

i guess i always assume more overlap of people, socially, than there actually is.

you should probably go and sign -this- petition. it is against assualt rifles. if you are not against their ownership, i doubt our social overlap is that great.

you should certainly go sign-up to -this-. because you should be voting anyway, and if you are, then the both of us could possibly win money. and that is always better than winning moth balls, and that is better than nothing.

if you want a gmail account [google's mail system, with lots of storage space], i have a few invites that are just sitting here and i would be more than happy to send one your way. drop an email or message on the board and i will hook you up.

new h#umor as well, link in menu, as always.


"there doesn't seem to be anybody else
who agrees with me.." -z.s.

* someone else said it, i am only not linking to him because he has quite the nicely designed site and i would feel stupid showing up in his referral logs. i am sure you can find him if you really want to. suffice to say, they are not my words. only my sentiment. and 'the wonder years' is still a great show. cheers..


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