a lot of people claim to live by the rule of 'having no regrets.' and i am curious if they really mean it. are they just trying to appear nonchalant, or too cool to care? do they just not take the time to think about things? or do they really believe regret is a worthless expenditure of emotion and/or time?

i regret a lot of things. a lot. and most of them involve my stupidity in one way or another. avoiding eye contact with a homeless person because i know it will involve him asking me for money. not defending people from verbal abuse. not being happier for another's good fortune. being distant when i want the exact opposite. not being thankful enough for what i have.

i could go on.. i will not though.

i read some good advice a few months ago, sitting on a bench on a university campus, waiting for everything. it was, "if there is a solution to a problem, there is no need to worry. and if there is no solution, there is no need to worry"* i'm just not there yet.

* - h.h. the 14th dalai lama


"i don't wanna go home,
i wanna go-o ho..ome
i don't wanna go
i wanna go ho . . ome" -p.


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