there was some strong weather here a few hours ago, wind and rain. lots of trees lost bits here and there, and a few lost large sections. i feel bad for them, but i know they can grow back.

that made me start thinking about people and our inability to regenerate in the same way. sure, i have two complete clavicles because of the ability to generate and repair, but i didn't grow a new one. perhaps the day is coming when one can be made and given to me, but that is not the topic at hand.

i was thinking, for all the potential advantages of being able to regenerate bits of oneself, it is a good thing that this is not the case. think of all the freaks walking around with puffed up faces, lips, breasts, pecs, and butts. the people with painfully tight faces and permanently raised eyebrows. and now think how insane it would be if you walked outside and people were missing arms, noses, and lips. and then when you saw them again a few weeks later, they'd have various levels of regrowth occurring. with all the weirdness that would entail.

of course the most disturbing would be those people who have their brains removed so that they can grow a new one to see if they like that better.

someone explained, 'to return to writing well/often is to write a lot of crap.' i do not disagree.


"we should be taking our clothes off" -t.l.m.


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