some little things that are of little importance to share, and may not even make any sense:

-i was excited when smarty jones almost won the triple crown.

-i think reagan was a good person, even with the not so great policies.

-henman winning wimbledon would be good for a lot of reasons.

-about two months ago, while in southern california, i slept through a magnitude five earthquake. i regularly sleep through tornado warning sirens, even though there is one a thousand feet from my window. [i have priorities.]

-i just finished a gallon jug of drinking water and went to the faucet to wash it out for recycling.

-i am very spurty. no, i do not think that is a word either. i go on these short but furious trips of liking things and then burn myself out on them. this mosly applies to food. spinach was the last one. i had something like 4000% of my daily vitamin k in a week. and now i have not had any since. [nine days or so.] it would be more healthy to eat a lot of different things sparingly, but i do not work that way.

-i was either thinking about it last night, or it struck me, that the reason i like writing here is because not only is it something i've written that other people can read any time they want, like a letter (sort of), but i have a copy of it as well. i often forget what i have said, and it is nice to have a transcript.

-new h#umor. if not yet, shortly.


"..if you lay down with a dream
you'll wake up lonely." -j.b.a.f.


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