first off, i too like to think that i hate starbucks, but i think -he- gets it right. granted i don't hate starbucks because they are everywhere and all the same, i hate them because i don't drink coffee. and as much as i enjoy a good hot chocolate and piece of pastry or cake or anything other than quiche, i rarely ever go to the trouble of paying too much for it. anyway, i like his points. [and i've never hated ikea, nor any other scandinavian outfit.]

also i saw this clip on the picture box a week ago having to do with models trying to get work, or something or other. [not a reality contest thankfully, more of a semidocumentary sort.] and this one young woman was saying how modelling was pretty much the only job where women have the power. stating further that they were more important in fashion [granted] and that they are better paid [makes sense]. i think her points are valid and it was a good conclusion to draw, however, i'm not sure i agree. not completely.

'tis true, i think, that women models are often paid more. and i'm sure it is the case that some of them have more power than anyone else in the room regardless of any of the others' bits and/or pieces. but i think those powerful women are fewer than this speaking model thinks or leads on. while women models do seem more important, by far, there are also an endless supply of women trying to work their way in. and supply, in most cases, far outstrips [bad pun sorry] demand and unless you are needed for your name to bring in more people, you can easily be replaced. not to mention that these masses of females who supposedly have power in the modelling world must conform to beauty standards to get work.

perhaps it seems i'm just trying to tear down women's power in this one area so that they don't get any ideas and try to get power elsewhere. of course i only mean to voice my opinion to counter a highly simplified and highly optimistic and slightly incorrect one.


"tracey gold, what have you done, girl?" -f.


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