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i know mtv is not only "of the devil", but also "a steaming load", but not too long ago, they actually had music from somewhat lesser known artists..

as i dodge the boo's and rotten tomatoes, and somehow say that the "lesser known" artists that brought this to mind are bj�rk and blur without defending such a claim, i'll get right to my point. i bought albums based on half of a video each. not even an entire video. not because oiled women were in thongs. not because it was the fresh new hot and cool thing. but because it was good music. given to my ears via mtv no less.

and yes even at this moment in time, 1997, mtv was trash. but it had redeeming moments..

i'm curious when, if ever, popular music will be diversified and good ever again. i know it's all opinion, but what i mean is, when will opinions actually be opinions and not autonomic responses to marketing stimuli?

i forget what else.


"i did not understand" -j.n.


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