there is this theory, and it might be outdated. there was this theory, unless it still is. there ___ this theory, that after the big bang there is this time period where we exist and then the universe will contract back to the big crunch. as you may imagine, the universe collapses into a singularity [black hole] as it supposedly was exactly prior to the big bang.

of course the universe is expanding right now, and scientists say even accelerating instead of slowing down, so it seems, for now, the big crunch is malarky at best. pretend that isn't the case though, okay?

good. you see, if that theory, eventual crunch, is correct. that means we are right now inside a black hole. inside a black hole time and space flip flop and do all kinds of crazy things, that is if they even really exist inside a singularity. this will either make your nerdy little mind happy that such a theory exists, or you'll hate me eternally. there is no middle ground in a black hole.


"now i'll do a dance" -t.h.s.r.


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