heard on the news the other night that the united states would likely side with china, if taiwan were to incite a battle by voting for independance. [my verbage is surely somewhat off, which is huge in political matters, but you get the gist.]

communism comes into power in russia, we [our gov't] immediately distrust, if not also dislike, their government. communism comes to power in cuba, i don't think our gov't has invited them over for tea and cakes even once.

it happens in china and we side with the [more] democratic government in taiwan, as well we should, if for no other reasons than to keep up our front of loving democracy and to not back a country that is also backed by the u.s.s.r., i mean the e.v.i.l. however, more people live in china, that means more trade, so screw taiwan, we love china. deluded, wrong, but profitable. but now, if taiwan wants to be their own independant and democratic state, we, who gained freedom [at least partially] on the banks of the french, and who became the military/economic power we are because of our allies, say you're on your own.

all the stupid, old, xenophobic people here ever say, is that europe owes us eternal loyalty because without us, they'd be speaking german now. as if we just came into being one day.

i am so sick of bullshit old boy politics. the only thing that matters here is individual reputation. who can fake out the most people for the longest time. not who actually gets anything done.


"ut queant laxis resonare fibris" ..


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