it is funny to me how much this mirrors a paper journal. write in it for a while, then drop it. attempt to pick up the habit again, fail. [i didn't say it was "ha ha" funny.]

i imagine that if i ever find myself face to face with those stupid caroling snowpeople that halmark makes, that my reaction will be the exact same as when i come face to face with a cockroach. that is, to lob poison in its vicinity whilst running away and screaming like a child. [perhaps just beat it with the nearest shoe, who can say?] they don't disgust me the same way a certain unmentionable insect does, but they are vile nonetheless. and despite the advert's attempt to show otherwise, they are not funny.

even though everyone in their right mind has been thinking similar things for some time, this is the first article i remember reading that really spells it out so plainly.

and though i am not attempting to offend or disgust vegetarians and vegans, not to mention jews and muslims, prosciutto makes me happy. [for a while at least..]

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"cause it feels like i've been..i've been here before" -m.a.


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