since i posed the discussion topic, i should probably give my opinion.

[i am assuming you've now read the topic, as i'm not keen to reproduce it here.] it's not that i think there should be no nudity in movies. i think the opposite. have whatever you want. have a couple of wig wearing guys, one with a brit accent, one talking in tribal clicks, follow a freak around a store for 12min 31sec for all i care.

the problem arises, with me, when it is used as filler. you know, a 40min story has been dragged on for 90min already and it hits a snag.. one of three things will happen.

a. an explosion
b. a lead character will die
c. whomever is on screen will bump into a woman he knew in college whose clothes fall off instantly.

or [and you better've seen this coming]
secret option d. an explosion occurs which kills a main character while simultaneously blowing the clothes right off of a woman nearby.

aside from that, i think my non-hollywood movie examples of am�lie and lost in translation make the point even more. it's not just vapid american pop culture sex obsessed movies that do this. it is everywhere. and my point is that it serves no purpose. difficult plot transition, breast shot. only possible way to show that a male character and a female character are interested in each other, show both butts, her breasts and some pubic hair for good measure. it doesnt make sense.

the state of american cinema is bad enough without degrading women and/or desensitizing audiences to the beauty of the human body in the process.

again i do not think i have made the point i am trying to, as i didn't seem to do so well in the topic, but i'll leave it at this anyway.


"no, woman, no cry" -b.m.


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