remember that cosby show episode [you should already have said 'yes'] where rudy [i always thought of it as 'rootie', i have no idea why] is learning how to ride her bike without training wheels? it seems they built an outdoor set specifically for this episode, as they were outside every other scene in the episode, and perhaps once after that.

while i appreciate that series, i find it odd how antirealistic it was. that episode is an extreme case, but is fitting. there weren't any cars despite there always being cars when they show the front of the house they supposedly live in. no city sounds. no people. no jets flying overhead. i just find it funny what issues they choose to tackle, and what ones they leave out completely.

at first i thought i wanted to say, i don't get why people made urinals. but i can see why, logical progression. what i don't get is why something better has not come along. what i want there to be, i don't know. but urinals are not it. they are disgusting, and i'm not even a germophobe, and they are far too open for my liking. i have many reasons, but you don't want to know them.

i was at the grocery store the other week and wanting a peach. i can pick out an apple or banana or squash, but not a peach. so when i saw tree-ripened peaches, i figured it would be easy. they are already ripe and so i just avoid the overripe ones. i picked one up, felt like a baseball. [not familiar with how a baseball feels? rock with skin. piece of wood maybe.] makes no sense.

finally, all that was crap. sorry. i had an idea a few weeks ago. i don't know how many other people have had the idea. i don't recall hearing or seeing something about it or anything, but i won't assume it is a unique one. only that i've just had it personally. that is, there is no way to stop aging except to die. it's so simple. makes me smile that it is.


"i'm certain i am alone.." -a.m.


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