why are bars of soap packaged in such a way that showering people spend half a day trying to open them? maybe you buy your soap bars one at a time, or you use body scrub, or maybe you don't shower and instead throw water on yourself, followed by a light coating of dust a l'�l�phant. so maybe you don't know that six bars of dove soap come in six boxes that are then wrapped as a group in plastic.

of course, i don't notice i need soap until i'm in the shower. since i'm not in the clink, i don't usually have my shiv on hand while showering, and so the plastic becomes defeatable by nothing less than teeth. okay, fine, no problem. no problem that is, until water touches the soon-to-be-pulp cardboard that surrounds the soap. it would be a neat trick if it would disintergrate completely, leaving just soap and amazement for my showering enjoyment. instead, i'm left with a wet and hard to tear "box".

last week, or so, an associate and i were exiting the cinema, having just seen the latest by ben stiller, danny devito, and (sadly) drew barrymore. [i'd see it again if i hadn't already, in a good way.] as i was saying, exiting, he and i, and we walk past a truck with a sticker on the window. pausing to read it, we see it says something very similar to "if you don't want to fight for your country in the armed forces, get the hell out! [italics = capitalized] long for a sticker? yes. sensical? i have my opinion. i imagine this is either a young recruit proud to show others that his ability to make decisions has been exorcized. or a bitter old man. no reason to worry for his kids upbringing or anything.


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wrestle with jimmmy.." -w.


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