here's a link. click here. i'd have it blink, but this isn't nineteen ninety-six and i can't be bothered pretending that it is. yes, yes, it's a horrible and mean statement to make. and the person who says such things with flippancy is either hate filled or seeking attention or both. so i think enough has been said regarding the actual comments.

my point is this, if you say you have problems with a "reality show about gay people" because it doesn't show people dying, then you must also attack both of the following:

a. all "reality shows". how real is it to have a dozen and a half young and sexy adults in the wilderness or in a mansion? the shows are "situational reality" at best, the rest is editing. so maybe they just edited out your favorite parts.

b. all shows "about gay people". i don't hear anyone complaining that christopher lowell isn't dying of aids as he designs a flowing floor plan for your foyer, or makes a sconce out of rocks, old tin cans, and a little bit of love.

to attack one and not the two i've described makes you come off as hateful and, um, bile..ful.

next up, the short left-side comment found here was made a few days ago. my comment [found by clicking the number [currently a '27'] next to the date] was made. obviously i'm a nerd for making such a comment on someone else's website/log, but i thought it deserved some sort of comment. i mean the 'prisoners' dilemma' isn't some obscure reference is it? i thought it was just very appropriate. both people fear the other will be more safe and at the same time make themselves less safe and buy an suv, in the process making them both less safe and costing them more money in both the short and long runs. and they both would have been better off, if not best off staying with what they had. classic example. and nothing. i don't want a comment because i brought it up, i want it for the sake of such a perfect example of game theory. and i got nothing in response. so to steal a line from pablo and then tell you where i'm taking it from as well as italicize it just so you're certain i didn't come up with it, bugger me sideways with a bendy bargepole.

two more bits, i swear. [i lied, three.]

i ordered pizza the other night and when the delivery lady came to my door i gave her the notes folded in half, so you could only see one of them. why? i don't know. anyway she told me how much i owed, and when i gave her the money, her only seeing the outermost bill said, out of twenty. i quickly said something like have a good night or something else universal in delivery language for :no change: or :keep the tip:, you know? so she put the money away without even looking at it before she returned to her car.

the point of this is that she was a bit older, and i'm worried she didn't know there was more of a tip than the slight bit that one bill would have allowed for. i know, i know, if there are any people who know when there is a tip, it is food service people. and i feel fairly certain she discovered it either on return to her car, or by the time she took count of her money at the end of the night. i don't care if she knows if i tipped her, i just hope she found it.

also, i realize this makes me seem like i'm trying to show off, that's fine. i apologize, it's just been bothering me.

i went to the grocery store last night to purchase ingredients for an attempt at making caramel. [didn't work.] and like every store, it has its little discount card malarkey. it also has a self-checkout machine as well. pretty ingenious if you ask me, i'm paying them to let me bag my own stuff.

anyway, it always asks me to scan my card and later on it asks if i have coupons. sometimes if i qualify for a senior discount. the last time, it actually asked if i wanted to apply my card to my purchase. excuse the expression, but those are some big mechanical balls(/ovaries). if i didn't want to save a bit of money, i wouldn't have scanned my card, and i wouldn't have signed up for one in the first place (not that i did.) and the first time i clicked no just out of habit so i didn't have to hear the 90db voice [about a lawnmower by comparison] scream about senior citizens and how they are not skilled in modern grocery technology, or something. or, a scam.

finally, i had my racquet in to be restrung, and who should be the restringer as i am paying for said service than a charming australian man. as i've said to at least two people now, i would seriously like to hang out with this guy as he seems genuinely nice and whatever is acceptable for 'cool' these days. not to mention his australian english and accent. anyway, this is all very 'seinfeld and keith hernandez' episode [which i saw yesterday] as i have no idea how to approach such a situation. except of course i am not a comedian and therefore have nothing to offer. even in this, the non-sitcom world.

the end.


"there are two colours in my head
there are two colours in my head" -r.


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