i figured nothing short of insanity would get me out of my funk. and here it is. fimp that's it. it was on a license plate of a car i passed on the way to the library today.

for the last few hours i could only think of one rationale, and i use that word with raised eyebrow and slightly wincing. if you were a female pimp. and, yes, it was a woman driving this car.

obviously that's a pretty bad shot at an explanation, or i hope that it is. the only other ideas i've had were even worse. one that people might see the capital 'F' as a 'P' at a glance. or that this person might be a female impersonater. [thank my one trip to new orleans for that idea. and seeing bourbon street on the client on tv earlier.]

regardless of the reason, last name maybe?, i can't imagine any of them being enough to justify such a decision.

it's no salt, but it isn't far off.


"sit at the pier watch the sun go down
another lost little boy in a big old town
i want to laugh, i want to cry
but no matter how hard i may try..
it won't mean a thing in a hundred years

no, it won't mean a thing in a hundred years" -b.t.


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