a few random things.

one, i overheard a conversation [as did he, i think] between two women. it was about the injuries to the ankle or knee or foot or some combination that each of them has had semi-recently. it then went to the wearing of heels. it's hard to do with their injuries and doctors told them not to, yet they've been wearing them so long, and such drastic [to me] heights of heels that wearing flats is painful, nigh on impossible.

so women wear heels to gain height, or to put their body in a more visually pleasing stance, or to be stylish or whatever other reasons you prefer. at the expense of shortening and weakening their calf muscles, pushing their body into an unnatural gait and alignment, and potentially crippling their feet so that wearing flats becomes painful or tiring at best.

call me stupid, but i don't get it. i could understand the occasional heel, but these women were talking of 3-4in heels [um, 7.5-10cm roughly] daily. to work. so a minimum of 40hrs in such heels. and if you can't walk in flats, what do you wear to the beach? in your house? do you just walk on the balls of your feet all the time?

if it's for height, a nice platform with a one inch heel more than the already added height of the toe is plenty nice in most situations. if it is for fashion, i can't imagine the need on a regular basis, but fashion wouldn't even feed me to their pet, so.. if it is to put your body in in some sort of "better position", then i'd imagine you'll be crippled in some way at some point, so i will say nothing.

next, i need someone in the 35805 area to play tennis with. now i realize the chances of anyone reading this and also playing tennis and also living within a few minutes of myself, but i really need someone who is better than me so i can get better. i suck, but apparently the person i normally play with is worse. i can't take it much more. seriously, get a hold of me. message board, guestbook, email, anything.

last, nothing much.


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